​Cost Effective- Hot applied thermoplastic is economical due to it long lifetime, simple and inexpensive application and year-round....
Our company started out as a two man crew over 25 years ago as Stripe-a-Lot Traffic Lines and then later changed to Seal-Tec Asphalt Coatings when we began providing all aspects of pavement maintenance. We now have decided to concentrate only on pavement markings and Thermoplastic once again. We have sold Seal-Tec Asphalt Coatings and incorporated under Industrial Traffic Line’s Inc., which is family owned and operated. 

At Industrial Traffic Lines, Inc., we use Franklin Paints which is federal spec paint in MA, NH, and VT and we use federal spec glass beads.
We use MB Equipment on the highway truck and graco airless line stripers. We communicate on the road with FCC two ways radio’s to keep everyone safe.

In addition to using state of the art equipment, we also offer top-quality services. Our pavement specialists will get you the asphalt striping you need. Our highly reflective traffic lines are visible at all times and are perfect for low and high volume roads and intersections. 

Owner : Scott Mason
Sales: Scott Mason

We also have a crew of four working with us.

If you are interested in joining our team please forward your resume to

Industrial Traffic Lines Inc.
3 Sanborn Rd
Londonderry, NH 03053

For cost effective road striping, call Industrial Traffic Lines at 603-552-3780!
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