​At Industrial Traffic Lines, we offer high quality road striping services: 


Cost Effective- Hot applied thermoplastic is economical due to it's long lifetime, simple and inexpensive application and year-round use. It offers exceptional adhesion on all roads-on the average road, under average-to-bad conditions, rough asphalt, or coarse and uneven pavement. Hot applied thermo lasts. Thermoplastic which is hot applied on to the asphalt, becomes part of the asphalt. It only moves if the asphalt itself moves. When correctly applied, hot thermo is permanently bonded to the road surface and is suitable for all traffic conditions on any type of road and will last up to 3 to 4 years longer than latex paint. It is oil and gas resistant and is not affected by water, atmospheric pollution, salt and other substances likely to come into contact with it in normal use. It resists damage by frost and snow under normal conditions.

Pavement Markings:

With State of the Art Equipment Fleet and expert asphalt striping and removal services, we offer a full line of durable, temporary and permanent markings. These highly reflective traffic lines are visible day, night and during inclement weather. For both low volume roads and intersections to high volume expressways and airport runways. Industrial Traffic line’s offers a full array of Products and Services which meet NH, VT and ME specifications. 

We are capable of spraying stripes from 2 to 24 inches in width, double lines or solid/skip patterns. Our Company has a state certified line striping truck, "Lazy liner", ride-behind cart allowing us to complete stop bars, crosswalks and legends in a timely manner. 

Our Stencils, Letter and handicap signs are up-to-date and ADA approved. We are also capable of removing pavement markings with minimum surface damage leaving no ghost lines.
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​Our company started out as a two man crew over 25 years ago as Stripe-a-Lot Traffic Lines and then later changed to Seal-Tec.....
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